Are you interested in helping other students, gaining video production experience, and getting paid to do it?

We are looking for UBC ECE students or alumni to create YouTube video tutorials for our YouTube channel. You can make $200 for a short video that covers information that an ECE student would find useful.

Send us an application for a video topic that you’re interested in making. Anything goes but we suggest trying to think of something unique and program-specific. This is the first time this program is being offered and we are open to what you have to say.

Sending an Application

  • Send us an application by email at .
  • Tell us your name, program, year, and an easy way to contact you.
  • Successful applications will:
    • Successful applications will:
    • Include an approximate production timeline relative to approval date.
    • Include a list of expenses if any. (Applicants are eligible for reimbursement of approved production costs in addition to payment amount.)
    • Adhere to YouTube content guidelines.
    • Include previous experience if relevant.
    • Comment on usefulness of content to ECE students
    • Comment on usefulness of content to ECE students
  • We will get back to you within a week and may request changes if there are any concerns.
  • Approved applicants will receive additional information and a dedicated ECESS team member to help work out the details.

Suggested Topics

  • Using LTspice or other wiring programs required for ELEC 301 mini projects.
  • Designing and ordering PCBs for home projects
  • Accessing free departmental software licenses as an ECE student.

Want to suggest a topic but not interested in making a video? Send us a quick email or shoot us a line on our Discord