Get involved as a Volunteer [Open]

Volunteers are a great task-specific position for students who want to help out and be an active member of a team! Usually, they have a 4 hour/week commitment. Volunteers are appointed by Execs, so contact the associated Executive directly if you would like to volunteer or apply online by clicking here.

To learn more about the volunteer positions, come talk to our executives and volunteer at the ECE Student Society Info Session 2017/18

UBC ECESS council chain of command



  • Schedule weekly council meetings and provide administrative support to ECESS team
  • Policy and constitution
  • 3 hours/week

Facilities Overlord

  • Perform maintenance and other tasks to do with facilities, such as the office, louge, kitchen and eating area

Facilities Operator

  • Assist the Facilities Overlord

Internal Events Planner

  • Responsible for planning internal events and organizing/scheduling


Academic Assistant

  • Review packages maintenance
  • Event volunteering (e.g. Town Hall)
  • 4 hours/week
  • Organize and plan hackathon (e.g. booking, sponsorships, budget planning, ordering food, etc.)
  • Recruit volunteers for the actual hackathon day (at least 10 people))
  • 6 hours/week


Newsletter Manager

  • Put together and send out e-newsletter weekly
  • Manage newsletter backlog
  • 1-2 hours/week

Graphic Designer

  • Design hoodies, posters, banners, ads
  • Up to 4 hours/week, depends on events


  • Photograph or record events: talks, parties, etc
  • No fixed time commitment. On call for events

Social Media Coordinator

  • Make posts on social media platform
  • Respond to Facebook messages
  • Be in charge of coordinating and making posts for People Spotlight
  • 2 hours/week


Company Outreach Coordinator Councillor

  • Contact companies for possible tours, sponsorship, lecturers, etc.
  • 2 hours/week

Professional Development Coordinator

  • Work with IEEE in organizing useful workshops for students (such as MATLAB or git
  • 3 hours/ week


Bake Sale Coordinator

  • Bake the baked goods and sell them in Kaiser
  • 5 hours/month

Student life

Games Night Coordinator

  • Helps set up events, tournaments, and cleanup.
  • Coordinates the events, and make sure everything in order.
  • Performs maintenance and other tasks to do with Games Nights.
  • ~ 15 hours time commitment, 7 hours per night.

Events Coordinator

  • Responsible for all logistics of the student-life events.
  • Help set up events, its planning and cleanup.
  • Handle money transactions and sales during events.
  • Order food for the events. Ex. pizzas for Games Night.
  • 3 – 6 hours per event, depending on the nature of the event

Sports Coordinator

  • Helps organizing ECE sports team.
  • Registers any available tournaments, and monitors players’ attendances.
  • Jerseys order, pickup, and delivery.
  • ~ 20 or more hours time commitment.

Events Assistant

  • Help events setup, and cleanup
  • Help running the events, and make sure the event goes accordingly
  • E-Week Planning, and manage all ECE teams
  • First to contact, if we need volunteers for student life events. (Different from general volunteers)
  • ~ 3 hours per event, depending on the nature of the event

Plant Advocate

  • Please water our plants. They are all dead 🙁