Games Night

Games Night is an event that is ideal for those who are seeking social opportunity with students in ECE department, as well as enjoy having fun with their friends. At Games Night, students are free to play a variety of video games, board games, pool and foosball that are provided by the student society. Food such as pizza is also offered during the event. With enough interest, tournaments will be hosted, and the winners of the tournaments will be awarded with grand prizes. Games Night usually takes place in Mcld 438 twice per semester.

Games Night

Here We Glow Again

This event occurs at the Engineering Student Centre (ESC), where students from the other faculties are encouraged to join. Traditionally, white attire is worn to glow in the dark, to reinforce the event name “Here We Glow”. This event occurs during first semester, usually before midterm begins. Drinks are sold at a decent price to encourage attendance and enjoyment. A DJ will also be invited to play music, while a dance floor is also provided for students who wish to dance. This event is usually hosted with the help of Club Mech.


Occurs at the end of the year, this celebrates the end of the year for students. This is a formal event, where students are typically required to wear formal attire to the event. The venue is hosted outside of UBC, usually near downtown Vancouver. The event last from late afternoon till around midnight. This event first begins with dinner, then drinking and photo shoot is taken place. Later, a DJ is hired to perform live music and dance floor is provided for students to dance. Drinks are sold in the venue.

Year End Gala