Alumni and Industry Night

Welcome to a night of good food and even better company with alumni and industry professionals, as they share stories from their career with students. Come to get first-hand advice and form new connections!

A complimentary burger and beer will be served to all registered guests.

Networking is an extremely important aspect of each ECE students professional career, and with the competitiveness of finding internships throughout the four-year degree, finding ways to stand out becomes a difficult task. The alumni and industry dinner offered by ECESS offers students the opportunity to get familiar with alumni practicing in Vancouver and with employers outside the traditional hiring process. Students, alumni and industry professionals attending the dinner will be given the chance to make important connections, gain insights about different branches of electrical and computer engineering, and on how to navigate their experience throughout the ECE career.

More details regarding the 2019 ECE alumni and industry night will be announced soon. Check out photos from last year’s event here.

Silicon Valley and San Francisco Field Trip

Every year, the ECESS takes a group of 50 students to Silicon Valley to visit the fastest growing tech companies in Electrical and Computer sectors so you can get up close and personal with the fast-paced innovation and expand your view of what day to day life is really like for an engineer in these companies.

For more information about the upcoming trip, please visit