ECE Lounge

By far one of the best services ECESS provides, the ECE Lounge is located in Room 434 of the Macleod building.

The ECE Lounge contains a pool table, foosball table, an HD TV (we have cable!), an arcade machine, and over 7 couches, and a surround sound speaker system enveloping the room, all free and available to use by students at any point during the day.

The pool has recently been refurbished thanks to the kind donation of our students, staff, and alumni.

Lunch Room

Right beside the ECE Lounge is the “lunchroom“, a space shared with the ECE grad society. It contains tables and chairs, along with 2 vending machines (one pop, one snack) that are kept stocked by the ECESS, with prices lower than what you would find elsewhere on campus!


We also offer Locker Rentals for lockers around McLeod, so you don’t have to carry your heavy textbooks & project parts around with you everywhere! You can rent lockers at a cost of $20 each term by coming to our office located at MCLD 434. (Lock not provided)