Get excited for this year’s E-week!

The annual E-week event, where students from all across the department participate in various “fun” competitions representing their department and show their department’s spirit. Events and their description are currently available on the official UBC EUS e-week website. Last year we won the Spirit Award, this year let’s come together again and come back first!

Schedule and events

Welcome to E-Week 2021: the very best week of the year. Get ready for a week of intense fun, hosted by your EUS. It’s about Engineering pride,  having fun, and taking a break from school to show everyone why engineers rule the world.

Sweat, Fight and Die for ECE

Are you a chess legend, been playing Mario Kart since you came out of the womb or just unbeatable at Smash Bros? Register here to participate in an event on behalf of ECE! Not in the mood to play competitively but still want an excuse to watch lectures recorded? Spectator attendance counts a lot! We get points for every person who attends, so come flood those zoom calls and cheer on our champions! We will be giving prizes at the end of the week for the top attendees!

Have questions? Saturday, January 16 starting at 5:00 pm PST, we will be having an informational meeting on discord to answer your burning questions and go over everything you need to know.

Need a little help getting hyped? Right before Opening Ceremonies we will be having a social event and tournaments for some teams, such as smash bros and rocket league. There will be video games, idle chit chat, prizes, and some ECE hype that will lead right into the ceremony. Be there.