Run as a Council Member

Executives hold vital roles in our community, spearheading their team to complete their projects. Because of this, executives typically commit 10+ hrs/week. Executives are elected by the student body in the spring elections and nominations reopen for any open positions in the fall. You can scroll down below to learn more about the opening positions.

The nominations for ECESS Council Members for 2021/2022 are now closed. Check out this year’s candidates below and voting has ended! Check your emails for information on voting!


Somith Das, 3rd Year ELEC

Somith is currently a 3rd year ECE student running to be the next ECE Student Society President. His goals as President are as follow:

1) Aim to promote academic success in all students in ECE by increasing volunteer upper year academic support and increasing study material accessibility to help students excel in their classes.

2) Facilitate and improve student body contact with the ECE department to ensure student concerns are addresses

He wishes to unite the student body to win at the next E-Week.  In his spare time, you can find him enjoying the weather in Vancouver.


  • Preside over the affairs of the ECESS
  • Oversee the other Executives and ensure that they are performing their duties in a satisfactory manner
  • Communicate with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering on behalf of the ECESS
  • Represent ECE on the EUS Board of Governors
  • Be of third-year or higher academic standing during their term

Vice President Administration 

Amanda Zhang, 2nd Year ELEC

Hi I’m Amanda Zhang, incoming third-year electrical engineering student, and I’m running for VP Administration for the 2021-2022 school year. I would like to get more involved with the ECE department by undertaking this responsibility. I am organized, hardworking, and most importantly, interested in technology and how it is implemented in society. I will help recruit volunteers, organize meetings, run elections, and administer the council’s internal communication. I understand that it was a stressful year due to the online situation; hence, I am excited to contribute so as to achieve a great ECE student experience.


  • Recruiting & onboarding volunteers
  • Organize meetings
  • Internal communication (Google Drive, Slack, ECESS email accounts)
  • Run elections

Vice President Communications

Chayanika Awasthi, 2nd Year ELEC

I am your choice because I am your voice. As VP Communications, I will always go the extra mile to make you smile. Having me as your VP comm, you will always be up to date with all events happening around you, for you. My goal is to make ECE more visible and accessible.  I would make the communication transform from noise to voice (…without Fourier transforms)! Make your choice and vote for me.

Param Tahilramani, 2nd Year ELEC

I am Param Tahilramani and I am running for the position of VP Communications for the ECESS. I intend to use this opportunity to revamp the ECE Student Society’s presence on social media and awareness around campus. We are a diverse and amazing crowd of people and through this platform, I hope to share our accomplishments and activities with those around us. I believe that I am fit for the post as I have a vast background in marketing and digital media and love photography and I could use my experiences to provide a fresh take!


  • Oversee social media platforms (Facebook, website, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  • Manage the graphic design team, newsletter team, website team, and photographer/videographer team
  • Advertise events, merchandise, and more

Vice President Finance

Mena Hessein & Katelin Fung, 2nd Year ELEC

Hello, we are Mena and Katelin! Mena has over 2 years of bookkeeping experience and we both have experience budgeting for summer camps. We are running to be your VP Finance for the 2021/22 school year. If elected, we will put your student fees towards professional development and social events. We hope to engage students across all years in the ECE community. Next year, half of the ECE student population will have not have experienced in-person ECE events, so we would like to take this opportunity to strengthen our department’s spirit and sense of community. See y’all next year!


  • Oversee club finances (budgeting and accounting)
  • Manage sales and inventory (merchandise and vending machines)

Vice President Academic 

Stephanie Quon, 2nd Year ELEC

Hi there, my name is Stephanie and I am a second-year ELEC student! This past year, I was the Co-chair of the EUS Mental Health and Wellbeing Committee and the Social Coordinator of UBC Women in Engineering. I feel these experiences give me a good background to be the next VP Academic. As VP Academic, I would continue developing the ECE mentorship program by organizing more events for mentor groups, work to increase awareness of wellbeing resources and research opportunities, continue advocacy for academic and curriculum matters, and further develop academic resources.


  • Organize review packages, review workshops, and Town Hall
  • Advocate on academic issues

Vice President External

Sam Samida-Pugh, 2nd Year ELEC

Hi everyone! As a 2nd-year ELEC student, I know how tough it can be to get that perfect Co-Op or job you’ve always wanted. Many students/grads may be exactly what a company is looking for, but without the right connections, networking skills, or interview skills, landing that position may not come to fruition. In order to build that bridge between you and employers, I will provide numerous opportunities for professional development and networking if elected, including:

  • Company tour events
  • ECE specific career fairs
  • Alumni networking events
  • Interview preparation sessions, and more

Thank you!


  • Oversee the external affairs of the ECESS
  • Organize professional development events (Industry Night, career workshops, and company tours)

Vice President Student Life 

Parsa Keshmiri, 2nd Year ELEC & Marc Talalayevsky, 2nd Year CPEN

Hey everyone. We’re Marc and Parsa (the one wearing Vans to a game of soccer). We’re excited to announce that we’re running for VP Student Life. Being the incumbent VP Student Life, Parsa can attest first-hand to the fat budget we have which can be used to make up for the lack of social events this year. We hope to use this extra funding to make every event we traditionally look forward to bigger and better. Let’s make next year so great that this year becomes all but forgotten.


  • Oversee the social events coordinated by the ECESS (Games Night, career workshops, and company tours)
  • Manage sports teams and #TEAMECE for E-week

Run as a Representative 

Representatives hold an important role within the ECE student body as they advocate on behalf of their constituents to the Council, and, where applicable, the ECE department and the faculty. They work closely with and assist VP Academic, typically resulting in 5 hours/week of commitment.

Year representatives are usually responsible in the following:

  • Classroom announcements
  • Data collection (which courses are difficult, how are things going, etc.)
  • Attend meetings (e.g. AGM, EUS Academic Meetings, etc.)
  • People Spotlight: seek out 1 individual/week in their year for People Spotlight. Get individuals’ bios and pictures(can coordinate with the Photographer) and send them to VP Comm.
  • Event promotion
  • Surveying the student body regarding jobs (where they have them/if they do, where they applied), companies they would like to see more of on campus, have more opportunities to visit/tour
  • Merchandise promotion
  • Propose merchandise