ECESS Executive Elections Candidates


Nick_AngelaNick Mulvenna & Angela Cho


Running to be your next ECESS Presidents, we will be bringing our combined experience:
Nick: ECESS VP Academic (2015-2016) and Administration Assistant (2014-2015)
Angela: ECESS 3rd-Year CPEN Representative (2015-2016) and Host of This Week at UBC

We look forward to leading the team that will organize academic, social, and professional development events and services for ECE students next year.

Some initiatives we are considering include:

  • Replacing furniture in the undergraduate lounge and lunchroom
  • Filling the vending machines more frequently
  • Strengthening branding for ECESS events
  • Holding an information session in September to recruit new volunteers
  • Advocating on academic issues
  • Replacing “Beef & Pizza” with an improved “ECE Undergraduate Town Hall”
  • Organizing tours for local engineering companies
  • Lobbying to move E-WEEK to early January so it will be more convenient for ECE students


VP Administration

Kate and HarrissKate Lim and Harriss Brammall

Being a part of council for multiple years we have the experience and knowledge about the council required to be the administrators. For this year we hope to improve the operation of the council by providing more documentation and instruction for our year and future years. Improving the communication within the council will be amongst our first steps. As well as one our most important tasks is to make sure that the duties of the President are properly dealt with and spread evenly between the council members. Aside from that we are cool people, always around, and yeah.


VP Academic

JustinJustin Wyss

Hello people of ECE! My name is Justin Wyss and I am looking to become your next VP Academic. I already have experience working for the ECESS as an Event Planning Assistant (2014-15) & currently as the VP Student Life (2015-16).
My main goal as VP Academic is to improve your academic experience by providing a wide range of course materials, hosting Undergraduate Town Hall sessions and administering an outlet to voice out your issues and concerns.
Some decisions in life are just that easy. Vote Justin for VP Academic! 😉


VP Finance

AshayaAshaya Sharma

I respect the role of a Vice President Finance for ECESS and will, in my best capacity, fulfil this role if I am so elected to do so with the utmost integrity. In addition to performing budget allocation and merchandising, as the VP Finance, one of my goals will be to have more open communication with students about how we can improve the student lounge. I want to improve the condition of our student lounge equipment including the speakers and microwaves. Everyone needs a late night snack or drink and I plan to do a better job of getting goodies for the vending machine and with items higher in demand by the populace. I am very open for suggestions for how we can make your stressful days slightly easier and appreciate your support. Thank you!


VP Communications

MariaMaria Tu

Hey ECE! My name is Maria Tu. I am running to be your VP Communication next year. I am a 2nd year Electrical Engineering student. I am a member of the current ECESS council. As your VP Communication, I will facilitate communications between the faculty and the ECE Student Society. I will create an organized classroom announcement plan to reach the majority of the student population. I will create more informative and eye catching posters to make sure that the communication is effective and feedback is heard. I hope I can be of value as being your next VP Communication. Thank you for considering your vote.


Jay and JosephJay Dahiya & Joseph Hsu

Hello! We’re excited to be running for VP Comm this year. Over our past two years in ECE we have been actively involved in helping the council. So who are we?


Jay Dahiya

  • 3rd year CPEN
  • Current Student Life Representative under the VP Student Life Team
  • Organized the grad dinner/dance event and monthly games nights
  • Cried watching Transformers 4

Joseph Hsu

  • 3rd year CPEN
  • ECESS Videographer/Photographer for the past two years under the VP Communications Team
  • Production Manager for FilmfEUSt videos: “Hello World” and “UBC Consumer Product Show”
  • Snapchat Extraordinaire

With our experience, we are confident we can take on the responsibility of this executive position. If you vote for us, we’ll be working on some reforms we have in mind. Below is a brief summary of the goals we intend to achieve. Thank you for taking the time to vote (for us).

We’ll be focusing on improvements to quality on all of our media outlets: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat in regards to timeliness, organization, and management. We will also work on revamping the newsletter and website to increase readability and dependability. Moreover, we will act as effective communication links inside and outside our department.


VP External


VP Student Life


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