2015W Contact Registration (for Locker Rental)

Short Version: Visit app.ubcecess.com/student/register to submit your contact information.

Your Contact Information in One Place

Every year, throughout the year, we ask for your contact information multiple times for various things.

This year, we’re doing things a little differently:

  • Your contact information will now be tied your Google account.
  • You will be able to edit it throughout the year if it changes.
  • You can use this throughout the year for any event sign-ups (such as Locker Sales, Seattle Trip etc.). You will simply need to authenticate with the same Google account that you signed up with.

So without further ado, please visit app.ubcecess.com/student/register to add your contact information (if you are interested in locker sales immediately, or for any other events in the future). We will be releasing details on locker registration this Thursday. You will be able to start renting lockers on Friday. Locker policy stays the same as previous years (first-come, first-served with priority going to undergraduate ECE students). If you are not an undergraduate ECE student, you may be able to rent a locker if there are any remaining at the end of next week (but if and only if this is the case).

When we release the locker registration form, you will be able to authenticate with your Google account to fill in the form and will not need to provide any additional contact information.


  • Am I going to get spam from doing this?

    • No. We will only ever email you if you sign up for any other events (such as professional trips) or regarding items such as locker rentals and graduation packages if they are relevant. (We just don’t have the time to send you spam, even if we wanted.)
  • I made a mistake on the form when filling it out; how do I fix this?

    • Simply visit app.ubcecess.com/student/register again using the same Google account, and edit your existing entry. Once you submit this entry, your information will be updated.
  • I have a question that isn’t on this FAQ

    • If it is locker-related, please send an email to lockers@ubcecess.com. Otherwise, you can send an email to contact@ubcecess.com. We’ll try to help you however we can best.

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