Executive Election 2015/2016 Candidates

Meet the candidates in the 2015 Elections


 Voting will take place at https://amsvoting.as.it.ubc.ca on April 2nd and 3rd.


Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.42.59 PMHamza Faran

4th year, Computer Engineering

2014W draws to a close, and it’s been a fantastic academic year. The ECESS ran over 20 events and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both planning and partaking. As someone who’s been part of the Executive for two years (as a Year Rep and also part of the Admin team), I’m excited for the opportunity to lead a newly restructured ECESS for 2015W.

There’s a lot of work to be done to make the best of the constitutional changes we’ve worked so hard towards this year and also applying your feedback on all of our events. With the fantastic responses and turnouts to professional events we’ve had, such as our Seattle and Silicon Valley trips, How to Get a Job at the Big 4, and P2P in 2013W, there will be a renewed focus on offering more events like these, and listening to what you, the students, want more of. In addition, I will be pushing to make your interactions with ECESS better, for event signups and transactions such as locker rentals.

Behind all of the aforementioned, I will continue my efforts to shape ECESS to be the best internally run it has ever been so we can serve students in the best way possible.

VP Student Life

weeeeeBrian Nguyen

11092713_10205553873942893_661641782_nJustin Wyss

Hello people of ECE! Our names are Brian and Justin, and we are looking to become your next VP Student Life. We already have experience working as Event Planning Assistants for the ECESS this year, and hope to continue to plan great events such as Games Night, Ohmcoming, and the Grad Event. Our main goal is to increase student participation in events because we believe that finding balance between work and play is essential! We also intend to use the new Cheeze as a space for some of our events, as well as increase the number of ECE teams participating in sporting events.   Some decisions in life are just that easy. Vote Brian & Justin for VP Student Life.


VP Communications


Sammie Jiang

Shelby Mosbrucker

Hey ECE! We are Shelby and Sammie, running to be your VP Communications next year. Our main role will be to facilitate communications between the faculty and the ECE Student Society, including getting the word out about all of our events – whether it be professional development or just for fun! We have 3 main ideas:

  1. Coordinate an organized classroom announcement plan so information can reach the majority of the student population
  2. Concise, informative, eye catching posters
  3. Increase ECESS presence on more social media platforms

We know you guys love events and free food, but doesn’t it suck to not hear about the free pizza until it’s all gone? We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen 😉

VP Admin


Adebayo Adegbola

Kate Lim

Hey guys and girls of ECE, My name is Adebayo Adegbola. I am a 4th year Electrical Engineering student. Yekatrina Lim (Kate) and I are running to become your next VP Admins. Kate and I are members of the current ECESS council. I am one half of the sports and charity team and Kate is an ex-officio on the student life team. We have both helped in planning different events in ECE this year. After being on council for a year, we believe we have what it takes to be your next VP Admins. Thank you for considering your vote.

VP External


Nicholas Man

Albert Chau

Our main role as the VP external is to maintain contact with various companies and organizations for ECESS, and to promote ECESS within the industry. We will do our best to get companies that you want to see on events such as the Seattle Trip, Silicon Valley Trip, and the Vancouver Company Tours. These companies include Facebook, Amazon, Google, Zynga, NVidia and other major corporations as well as other promising start-up companies.


Angela Zhou

Marinah Zhao

Hi, we are Angela and Marinah, and we are running to be your VP Externals! We are so excited to potentially be planning for some of the best events ECESS has to offer including the Seattle and Silicon Valley trips. Our goal is to build upon the professional relationships the council has formed over the years and to promote UBC ECE as a group of young upcoming professionals. Why are we good candidates?

  1.  We are organized and efficient. We will start planning this summer to book the best flight and hotel deals.
  2. We will listen to your requests and continuously strengthen our connections with the hottest companies such as Facebook, Google, and NVIDIA.

If we are elected, we will handle the logistics to ensure that you can benefit the most from the Seattle and Silicon Valley trip and create lifelong memories and professional connections.


Arnold Lam

Seth Waugh

VP Academic


Nicholas Mulvenna

Arabelle Hou

Hello everyone! As your VP Academic, we will be in charge of the academic services provided by the ECESS. We will be working with the 2nd-, 3rd-, and 4th-Year Representatives to better understand your needs as ECE students so we can properly represent ECE at events related to course curriculum and academic experiences. In addition to providing well-organized review sessions and outstanding exam packages, we will also look into providing online resources and project lab tours for students this year. We plan to update the ECESS’s academic resources to accommodate the recent curriculum changes and we will continue to host the major event of the year, Beef & Pizza (a Q&A session with ECE professors), once per term so students have a chance to make their voice heard.

VP Finance


Roger Harriss Brammall

Johnson Lu

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