ECESS Elections 2015


Nomination Form:

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Executive Positions:

  • President
    • Be of third-year or higher academic standing during their term.
    • Presides over ECESS and ensures that all members of the Executive are performing their duties, as well as over the Elected Student Representatives and other voted-in Representatives. He/She also represents ECESS to the EUS and the department.
    • Responsible projects 2014/2015: Chairing weekly meeting, Summer strategic meeting 1 & 2, getting department funding, constitution/policy manual changes, Chairing, Annual General Meeting,
    • Attend ECE Weekly Meeting, EUS meeting, ECE Department meetings, SAC meeting, Grand Council meeting
  • VP Finance
    • Must reach the age of majority prior to the term they are serving.
    • Oversees the financial operations of the ECESS — including budget allocation and manages the lounge, vending and merchandise.
    • Responsible projects 2014/2015: Locker sales, reimbursements, lounge maintenance, vending machine,
  • VP Administration
    • Oversees the administrative operations of the Society and assumes the administrative duties of the President in the President’s absence.
    • Responsible projects 2014/2015: New executive transition, handling ECESS accounts (Google Drive, Email, Contacts, Calendar, etc),  internal newsletter, managing projects, improving process, council hoodies, ECESS info session, elections, ex-officio hiring,  lounge access, new member on-boarding, imagine day,
  • VP External
    • Oversees the external affairs of the ECESS — like connecting students with industry/work opportunities!
    • Responsible projects 2014/2015: Seattle Trip, Silicon Valley trip, sponsorship, Grand Event sponsorship, merchandise, PAF
  • VP Student Life
    • Oversees the events coordinated by ECESS — for example, Ohmcoming, Games Nights, etc…
    • Responsible projects 2014/2015: welcome back BBQ, Games Night, Ohmcoming, REC team, charity events, E-week,
  • VP Academic
    • Oversees the academic services offered by ECESS and is responsible for the proper representation of students at functions relevant to the engineering academic experience and curriculum.
    • Responsible projects 2014/2015: Grand Council meeting, meeting with Sathish, hiring tutors, Beef and Pizza, curriculum meeting.
  • VP Communication
    • Oversees the communications operations of ECESS to students and professionals through our website, social media, photography, and newsletter. He/she also assumes the public speaking duties of the President in the President’s absence.
    • Responsible projects 2014/2015: Handling Facebook, Website, Twitter, Instagram, Newsletter. Slipstick.

Elected Student Representatives

  • 3rd Year Rep
    • Classroom annoucements, Grand council, review packages/review sessions,
  • 4th/Grad Year Rep
    • Grad composites, Iron Ring, Alumni Event, review packages/review sessions,

Nomination Rules:

All students wishing to run in the election must read and abide by the following rules:

  1. Candidates:
    • Must be a UBC ECE undergraduate student currently and during the term he/she wishes to serve
    • Can only run for one position
    • Should find a co-runner for terms he/she will be unavailable due to co-op, exchange, etc.
  2. Nominations must be from:
    • A UBC ECE undergraduate student that is not currently on the UBCECESS executive team
  3. Information Session:
    • Is on Wednesday March 25 at 6pm in Macleod 434
    • Is mandatory for all candidates
  4. Nominations are due:
    • Wednesday March 25 @ 6pm in Macleod 434

Nominations are due Wednesday March 25, 2015!

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