Lab food safety & a message from Dr. Ivanov!

Respect the labs, and be proud of awesome facilities!

Please eat in the MCLD 434 lounge & lunch room instead of eating in the labs!

Why eat in the lab when you can take a break in the lounge/lunch room with:

  • a microwave
  • vending machine
  • Foosball table, pool table
  • newly refurbished arcade machine!
  • TV
  • leather couches
  • whiteboard wall to doodle on


Message from Dr. Ivanov, ECE Head of Department:

Dear ECE Students,

This is to let you know that our ECE Department will be audited from Nov. 23-25 by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB). This is a reminder to review the basic safety rules posted in all the lab and in particular about the following requirements and expectations:

  •  No food or drink in the labs at all times
  • No working alone in the labs (UBC working alone policy)
  •  Only closed-toed shoes are allowed in the labs
  •  Maintain a tidy workspace
  • Dispose of garbage properly if/when generated by normal lab usage/activity (e.g., wire strippings)
  • Return equipment to where it belongs after use if displaced for particular experiment usage

The CEAB will be reviewing the quality of our programs, students, faculty, administration, and facilities. This review will determine whether we maintain our standing as an accredited engineering school. We take this opportunity to remind you of some important Health and Safety responsibilities that we have emphasized to you in several layers of safety training that you have been required to complete this year including through an online presentation and in-lab presentations. Thank you for your cooperation. The accreditation effort is important for us all and we hope you will continue to demonstrate your professionalism and academic aptitude as we showcase our programs.

Dr. Andre Ivanov
ECE Department Professor and Head

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