The Arcade Machine Returns


It’s Alive!

After (apparently 7) years of being a rather large and unwieldy decoration piece, the arcade machine in the ECE lounge is back in service!

We’ve stripped out the 20th century internals for some new hardware. Currently powered by a Raspberry Pi, the arcade machine is loaded with a small of roster of classic titles, one which we hope to grow.

The arcade machine will be on and ready for your enjoyment on Monday afternoon! See left for a quick reference sheet for you to get started.


  • We understand that sometimes things can get a little intense between rounds of Puzzle Fighter. That being said. please be gentle with the hardware because it belongs to all of us. 🙂
  • We you are done playing a game, please exit the game using TOKEN + START to return to the menu. This saves energy by allowing the monitor to go to sleep when it is not in use!

If you have any questions, ask anyone in the office or email!

Happy gaming, everyone! 🙂

Wes pwning Derek



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