Executive By Election 2014/2015 Results

Meet the candidates in the 2014 By Elections



582444_10151765629950188_714838647_n  Maziar Sharifikhah


  3rd year, Electrical Engineering

  Hamza Faran

  3rd year, Computer Engineering

116/229 (50.6%) of votes

I’m Hamza, and I (along with my handsome co-runner Tazz) am the obvious choice for secretary. Why? I was 3rd-year rep last year and this year am looking to get even more involved so I have been working with the ECESS Admin team since summer’s start on a number of initiatives to make internal operation of ECESS the best it can be:

  • I researched and set up Slack to make internal synchronous communication better
  • I researched and set up Teamwork as an alternative to our PM tool of yore, Trello
  • You can read about these and more internal ECESS operation tidbits on blog.ubcecess.com (which I set up and am authoring currently)
  • I am working with the admin team on better tracking of our expenses throughout the year and aligning them with our budget

I’m also working with our Professional Rep (and generous ex-President donor Will) on bringing the Arcade Machine out of its 7-year hibernation with an Xbox 360 + RasPi retrofit.

I have been doing all of the above and more to make ECESS run as smoothly as possible to serve all of you awesome people as best we can. I hope to continue doing so as your secretary this year!

Hello I’m Maziar and I am the aforementioned handsome man, I was the second year rep last year and would like to confirm my handsomeness. I’ve worked with ECESS and coordinating between students and professors before.

  Nicholas Mulvenna

  3rd Year, Computer Engineering

16/229 (6.99%) of votes

If elected, I will improve the internal operations of the ECESS and work closely with the President and Vice-Presidents. With enhanced communication, coordination, and project management, the ECESS will be able to better understand and serve the needs of students in our department.


Lauren Aliman

4th year, Electrical Engineering

Kate Lim

3rd year, Electrical Engineering

55/229 (24.0%) of votes

Abstains: 42/229 (18.34%) of votes

Second Year Rep

Kyle Campbell

2nd year, Computer Engineering

Jimmy Lin

2nd year, Computer Engineering

44/229 (19.21%) of votes

Hi, my name is Jimmy, and I’m a Mac, and my name is Kyle, and I’m a PC. Together, as second year ECE students running for ECESS second year rep, we are excited to have the opportunity to represent you and to convey your ideas and opinions in ECESS proceedings. Some of our ideas to help introduce second year students to the world of ECE are to have a mini-hackathon and electrical design contest intended for 2nd year students with the presence of upper year mentors. We also wish to collaborate with David and Derek, our Academic Reps, to ensure second year students receive the highest quality tutorials – and most importantly – change the structure and tutors if you, as second years, feel they are ineffective. In addition, we want to host social outings such as paintball, Vancouver dine-outs, and a poker night. Usually, at least one of us are awake between 6am and 3am so find us on Facebook and shoot us a message at any time! We’ll do our best to reply ASAP, no matter if we are experimenting with the Ballmer Peak or pulling a caffeine-induced all-nighter before a final!

Angela Zhou

2nd year, Electrical Engineering

Jerry Chan

2nd year, Computer Engineering

118/229 (51.53%) of votes

Hi ECE students, we are Angela and Jerry and we’re running to be your 2nd year reps! After our first year in engineering, we want to take an active role on making life a little less stressful, and hopefully a lot more fun for all students in ECE.

Our platform focuses on the students:

  • Information: We will provide 2nd year students with details on the upcoming social, academic, and professional events as early as possible by making announcements through Facebook, info sheets, and classroom reminders.
  • Interaction: Our aim is to enable 2nd years to meet both upper years and peers. On top of keeping students in the loop, we will deliver events that are tailored to students’ preferences.
  • Integration: We believe many students can often feel like just a “number” in ECE and our goal is to actively seek 2nd year students’ input and provide feedback for the council on all student related issues.

We can be easily reached through Facebook or in person. Please feel free to say hi to chat about anything, ECESS related or not!

   Dallas Gawlick

12/229 (5.24%) of votes

Abstains: 55/229 (24.0%) of votes


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