Executive Elections Results 2014/2015

It’s here, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. We had a great turnout this year with 277 voters! As exactly 27% of our ECE population, this is a great number, so thank you all for voting!!

Without further ado, here are the results of the ECESS Elections:

–Contact us if you’re interested in the still unfilled positions for next year, Secretary or 2nd year rep, we will be officially holding by-elections in September!–


Tiana Im: 204 votes
Abstain: 73 votes

Vice President:

Somik Ghosh and Denise Kwok 
Benjamin Nie and Robin Yoon*
Abstain: 25 votes

*The candidates were disqualified due to Robin Yoon breaching the election rules by hanging around the voting booth and campaigning in front of voters during voting periods.  (Friday March 14, 2014)

Professional Relations Officer:

Wesley Tsai: 204 votes
Abstain: 73 votes

Academic Representative:

David Law and Derek Lun: 198 votes
Abstain: 79 votes


Johnson Lu: 192 votes
Abstain: 85 votes

Publicity Representative:

Galen Wu and Sahil Dhingra: 192 votes
Abstain: 85 votes

Social Coordinator:

Sanad Arida and Vineet Mahendru: 209 votes
Abstain: 68 votes

Graduation (4th Year) Representative:

Dusan Milovanovic:197 votes
Abstain: 80 votes

3rd Year Representative:

Sammie Jiang and Shelby Mosbrucker: 109 votes
Maziar Sharifkhah: 79 votes
Abstain: 89 votes

Sports and Charity Representative:

Adebayo Adegbola and Mustafa Mussayev: 189 votes
Abstain: 88 votes

Thank you everyone for all your hard work campaigning and most of all make sure to work hard and have fun next year!

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