Executive Election 2014/2015 Candidates

Meet the candidates in the 2014 Elections



tiana-squareTiana Jihyung Im

4th year, Computer Engineering

Hi, I’m Tiana, and I want to be your next President of ECE Student Society!

As the current Vice President, I lead an amazing team and undertook numerous projects, such as Silicon Valley Trip, Speed Mentoring event, developing ECESS website or even promoting ECE worldwide with a Youtube video “Six Guys You Meet in Engineering!” I’m excited to bring my passion, leadership experience and work ethic to serve as your next President!

My three main objectives:

1. Establish ECE as a name the industry recognizes and desires. In addition to our existing company tours and getting industry sponsorships, I will expand our professional network with a Vancouver Trip where we will visit local CE & EE companies.

2. Increase resources for ECE. The more resources we have, the more we can help you! My goal is to increase student-student relationship and expand our network with other departments such as our ECE department, EUS, CS and IEEE.

3. Creating an open community. ECE should be a place that anyone can drop by, chat, and make suggestions. I will make everything open and make the lounge a comfortable place for everyone.

Please visit my portfolio + platform at vote.imtiana.com and vote for me for the best year ECE has seen!

Vice President

somikSomik Ghosh

4th year, Computer Engineering

deniseDenise Kwok

4th year, Computer Engineering

Hi ECE students, we’re Somik & Denise, and we’re running to be your next vice-presidents! We are both entering our last year & excited to make a difference in our last year as well as your next one!

We will be bringing our experiences together, some of which include:

  • We were both UBC Orientations Leaders; Somik was a Squad Leader & Peer Coach too!
  • Somik is the Software lead in Thunderbots
  • Denise planned & hosted the blood drive & Student/Alumni Networking Night!
  • We’re both involved with every event – whether it be event promotion, volunteering, or filming FilmfEUSt!

Our platform is simple: Students first. We will put our time & money towards events that the student body wants. We will:

  • Be the bridge connecting students to the department — helping you to get feedback, assistance & having your voices heard when it comes to academic policies & curriculum changes.
  • Increase opportunities for students to give feedback & plan and host more events that you want based on the feedback

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to message us on Facebook or talk to us in the halls!

Benjamin Nie

4th year, Electrical Engineering

Robin Yoon

3rd year, Electrical Engineering

Hello you marvelous electrical and computer engineers!

We are Ben Nie and Robin Yoon, and we hope to be your ECESS Vice Presidents. We have two main priorities:

1. Increase industry awareness and professional development

Our first project is already underway.  We’ll be conducting online Q&As to connect YOU with alumni working in globally recognized firms such as Facebook, Intel, and BC Hydro to provide students with interview tips, professional advice, and more!

Check it out at connectubc.wordpress.com

2. Promote inter and intra department social events

  • Regular and more frequent games nights
  • (subsidized) paintballing
  • (again, subsidized) ski trips
  • REC sports
  • Event teams (Storm the Wall, Day of the Longboat)

Ben lives his life in search of new adventures. You might find him in the lab, in a bar, on a mountain, or on the safari riding a lion. He looks forward to bringing this attitude to the ECESS and making it an awesome year!

Robin loves singing, dancing, snowboarding, and meeting new friends. She would like to do all of that with you, perhaps all at the same time! As Vice President she looks forward to sharing these experiences with you!

Thank you for voting!


Professional Relations Officer

exec_nateWesley Tsai

4th year, Computer Engineering

It’s my third year being involved with ECESS. Each year, We aims to influence more ECE students, and form more meaningful partnerships with external organizations.

This past year, thanks to our wonderful members on the council, we are standing on a solid platform of accomplishments. It is a better time than ever to push our society’s name toward professional recognition.

If I am elected, my role this year will be to facilitate and solidify mutually benefitting relationships in the professional world. I will plan company tours within Vancouver, while retaining our signature SV an Seattle trips. I will brand ECESS as a club consisting of future professionals, and convince companies to form partnerships with the club.

Above all, I’m sure as hell excited to be your pro-rep.

Academic Representative


David Law

4th year, Computer Engineering

Derek Lun

4th year, Computer Engineering

Dear all fellow ECESS students! This year, we, Derek Lun and David Law, are co-running for academic rep again!!! We have all overcame the impactful change of the ECE curriculum but there are more than that!
This year, we are aiming to continue projects that we have success from last year! Plus more! This year, we aim to enhance the communication and associations between the department/professors and students. We will also like to give everyone a chance to express our concern directly by hosting at least one Beef & Pizza session per term. We understand that finals can be stressful and we will ease the final hours by maintaining the exam database and host review sessions to aid students. We also want to create academic resources that are available to student during the term, such as review packages, tutorial sessions, and our ongoing ECESS WIKI page!


exec_nateJohnson Lu

4th year, Electrical Engineering

Hey everyone, my name is Johnson Lu and I’m looking to ECESS Treasurer for next year. As an ex-officio for this year I have had a chance to be involved in some fairly significant projects; some of you may recognize me from the Silicon Valley trip, for which I was involved in organizing, or otherwise may have seen me working on our new vending machines.

For the next year, my main goals will simply be as thus: I will look to ensure than funds available to the ECESS are used in the most efficient manner possible so that we, the students of ECE, may gain the most benefit in general. This will encompass everything from events, to amenities, and merchandize, under our control

I look forward to being your next Treasurer, and see you all around Macleod. Cheers!

Publicity Representative

exec_nateGalen Wu

4th year, Electrical Engineering

exec_nateSahil Dhingra

3rd year, Electrical Engineering

Hey Guys

We are Sahil and Galen and we are currently in 2nd and 4th year Electrical Engineering. Having been in the council as an ex-officio for the current year, we are now running for Publicity Rep. As an ex-officio, the two of us have played a number of roles within the council. This includes being Slipstick Rep, Webmaster and also Seattle Trip Coordinator.

For the upcoming year, the two of us plan to take on the responsibility of ensuring that ECE students know what’s going on within the Department so that all students are able to enjoy their short time in ECE. Since ECE is such a big department, it is essential for there to be some source of communication among students, that’s where we come along ☺. With the help of Social Media, we will do whatever it takes to relay the information to all of you guys. So make sure to vote for us as ECESS Publicity Representatives for the 2014/2015 Academic Year!

Social Coordinator


Sanad Arida

4th year, Electrical Engineering

Vineet Mahendru

4th year, Electrical Engineering

This one goes out to all of you kick-ass, uber-genius, soon-to-be-engineers who decided, at some point in their lives (1, 2 or even 3 years ago), to take on this pact and trade in their abilities to communicate with and charm members of the opposite gender, for god-like skills in math and science.

The ECE dynamic duo are back at it again! We’ve been working together for almost a year now as your current Social Coordinators. During our campaign last year, we promised to bring you something new, something different that hasn’t been done at a large scale before, and never failed to deliver! Remember Ohmcoming? Yeah, that was us… And the upcoming Great Gradsby, which we can’t wait to see you all at, is going to be unforgettable! To see what we have in store next year, our last year at UBC as students, you’ll have to vote! And, as always, suggestions are welcome!

Graduation (4th year) Representative

exec_nateDusan Milovanovic

4th year, Computer Engineering

3rd year Representative

exec_nateSammie Jiang

3rd year, Electrical Engineering

exec_nateShelby Mosbrucker

3rd year, Electrical Engineering

exec_nateMaziar Sharifikhah

3rd year, Electrical Engineering

Sports and Charity Representative

exec_nateAdebayo Adegbola

3rd year, Electrical Engineering

exec_nateMustafa Mussayev

3rd year, Electrical Engineering

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