ECESS Elections 2014



The ECESS elections are here!

Voting is now open!!

1) Simply sign-in to the link with your CWL:
2) Choose “2014 – March – ECESS Elections”
3) Vote! Your can find the candidates info here:

Now is your chance to join a great student team and make a noticeable difference in the lives of a large group of students! All executive positions need to be filled, the only thing missing is you! 

Nomination forms are available in MCLD 434 or download here.

The available positions are:

  • President: Preside over meetings of the Club, the Council and the Executive. Represent the Club at all the EUS council, and act as a liaison between the Council and the EUS.
  • Vice President: Assist and work in conjunction with the President. Assume the duties of the President of the Club in his absence.
  • Treasurer: Submit a budget to the treasurer of the AMS subject to approval of the Council. Supervise all Club purchases and payment of Club debts. Have signing authority over all of Club’s accounts.
  • Secretary: Carry out all normal correspondences of the Club. Record minutes of all general, Council and Executive meetings. Produce and maintain the Electrical & Computer Executive contact list.
  • Social Coordinator: Be responsible for overseeing all social functions sponsored by the Club, including arrangements for room booking, food, beverages, and liquor license.
  • Academic Representative: Attend all EUS Academic Committee meetings and organize ECE Beef & Pizza Sessions and Final Exam Review Booklets  Maintain and update the ECE Exam Database and ensure database is current.
  • Publicity Representative: Be responsible for publicizing all Club social, academic and professional events through use of announcement,  poster, newsletter, website, Facebook and other forms of public announcements.
  • Professional Relations Officer: Keep all ECE students informed of job opportunities as they arise. Promote employment of ECE students wherever possible, such as organizing a career fair.
  • 4th Year/Grad Rep: Organize graduation photo process and collect fees and ring sizes from all fourth year students attending the Iron Ring Ceremony. Organize Grad-related events such as Grad-Alumni Event and Grad Cruise.
  • 3rd Year Rep: Keep themselves informed of all upcoming activities that concern ECE students by attending weekly meetings, and ensuring that ECE students in their year are informed of all these activities.
  • Sports and Charity Rep: Promote ECE’s participation in sports and charity events  Sit on the EUS athletics committee and undertake to enter ECE teams in the intramural programs and UBC. Organize and suggest charity events for ECE Department participation.

If you’re interested in running for a position, please be aware of the dates, and the elections rules and policies.

Download the Executive Information Document here!


  • Nomination form due: Wednesday March 5th @ 6:30 PM @ MCLD 434
  • Info session: Wednesday March 5th @ 6:30 PM @ MCLD 434
  • Campaign period: Thursday March 6 @ 12 AM – Wednesday March 12 @11:59 PM
  • Election Days: Thursday March 13 & Friday March 14
    • Voting will take place in front of MCLD 434 and in the Kaiser Atrium throughout these dates, more details to be announced closer to the date.

Rules and Policies:

  • Candidates must currently be an undergraduate UBC ECE student
  • Other position-specific rules can be found in the Constitution (
  • All candidates must attend the candidate information meeting Wednesday March 5th at 6:30 PM
  • Each candidate can only apply to only one position
  • If candidate is in co-op for a term, please find a co-runner to split/share the position with
  • If running for President or Vice President, please talk to Nate:
  • Candidates campaigning before the campaign period will be disqualified
  • Any questions or comments should be sent by email to

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