E-WEEK 2014


Hey ECE students, we are now only a few days away from E-WEEK! There are tons of events every day of the week, so GET INVOLVED! You can sign up and join the ECE team or participate by attending the events!

For more information, the EUS has put together a beautiful mini-site, complete with the schedule and detailed information (locations etc). Visit them here: E-WEEK 2014

Join an ECE team

We are always welcoming students to join one of the ECE E-WEEK EVENT TEAMS! Here is a list of the events that you can join as a team member:

  • Opening Ceremonies Activities
  • Foosball Tournament
  • True Engineer
  • Games Night
  • Day the Movie Died
  • Chariot Races
  • Cooking with Beer
  • E-Ball Soccer
  • PP Event
  • 4-Legged Racing
  • Dodgeball
  • Trivia

Join Here!


If you would like to quickly view the schedule or save an image of it, here is the current Facebook group banner:

eweek-fb-banner copy

We can’t wait, and as always, if you have any questions, leave us a comment, find us in MCLD 434, email us, leave us a Facebook message, ANYTHING. Just talk to us. We can’t wait to get you excited for E-WEEK 2014!

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