Campus as a Living Lab (CLL): Cypress Power

On Wednesday January 22rd, 2014, the ECE department and ECESS are honoured to have Don Bildfell from Cypress Power speak as part of the Campus as a Living Lab (CLL) series. The event will be from 12PM to 1PM in MCLD 418.

Seeing Sustainability:
Visual Analytics for Energy Management and GHG Reduction at UBC


The topic is the collection and visualization of data from UBC’s Fleet. Cypress Power is collecting data from UBC’s ChargePoint EVSE network, multiple real-time vehicle data loggers and electrical energy monitors to store in a common database. Then, Visual Analytics and Statistical Analysis tools can be implemented to model and interpret relations between the vehicles and the way they are operated and maintained. The goal of the project is to better understand the management of the fleet of the future where a mix of vehicle technologies (Hybrid, CNG, Electric, ICE, etc) will be applied depending on the needs of the enterprise to balance emissions and function.

The talk will provide a background to the Visual Analytics tools being used by Cypress Power. ECE students will get to see some of the exciting work being done in the emerging field of industrial data for the smart machines, buildings and cities of the future. It opens up whole new fields where Industrial IT functions such as security and networking become the domain of a hybrid employee with both engineering and IT skills.

Presenter Bio

Don Bildfell, founded of Cypress Power Ltd. in 2008, after a successful career at Eaton Electrical, to meet the growing need for Industrial Internet integration and the emerging use of data to manage facilities, campuses and cities. While Cypress Power is still relatively small, it works with a number of progressive clients that are pushing the boundaries of energy, water, fleet and data centre management. One of those clients is UBC where Cypress Power is working with groups from ECE Capstone Faculty and Students, Operations, Fleet Management, IT and Sustainability. As an integration partner, we work with UBC to make parts of the Living Lab a reality.


Mark your calendars!

Day: Wednesday, January 22nd
Time: 12:00 pm
Place: MCLD 418

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