The Escape-the-Lab-and-Take-a-Food-Break Food Order!!

Are you staying late on Thursday night to meet those project deadlines? We understand. So we are organizing an escape-the-lab food order! You tell us what you want to eat, we’ll order it and deliver it! The only catch is … you must give yourself a break and not eat it in the lab!

Ordering + Pick-up

Come to MCLD 434 (ECE Lounge) with your $ to order your food on Tuesday & Wednesday  

Hungry? Pick up your food in the MCLD Cafeteria (beside MCLD 434) at 6:30pm and eat! 


From Sunway Restaurant

  • Popcorn Chicken on Rice $10
  • Tofu with House Sauce on Rice $10
  • Kung Pao CHicken on Rice $10
  • House Special Combo $15

From Zephyr Tea House

  • Chicken Chop on Rice $10
  • Pork Chop on Rice $10
  • Fried Fish Filet on Rice $10

From Hanppy Tofu Pot House

  • Korean Style BBQ on Rice $10
  • Kimchi & BBQ on Rice $10

Bubble Tea from Bubble World — all $5

  • Milky Malt Tea
  • Milky Coconut Tea
  • Milky Taro Tea
  • Mango Green Tea
  • Milky Tea
  • Milky Earl Tea
  • Milky Heaven Bird Tea

All prices include tax & services charges. Services are provided by Longmen Delivery Service (604-500-0259)

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