ECE P2P: Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Program

About P2P

Unlike the conventional mentorship program where junior students are “mentored” by senior students, ECE P2P is based on a belief that each of us all have different strengths and knowledge that is valuable to others! ECE students of all years will be matched into their own P2P Group of 3~4 students. Groups are matched based on preference such as interest, goals, hobbies, coop status etc. Each P2P Groups will connect over casual meetups in, or outside of school. Finally, there will be 2 or more Main P2P Events where everyone come together to connect, learn and have fun!



Kickoff Event – Speed Mentoring!

To start off the program, we present to you: ECE Speed Mentoring! This is the first event of this year, where you will meet your P2P Group as well as everyone else participating in the program. You will get a chance to individually meet and get to know one another in 5 minute intervals and mentor & get mentored about academics, jobs, hobbies and various other life expertise!

After Speed Mentoring, there’ll be a networking session to chat with everyone over Pizza. Emails and phone numbers will be exchanged!


  • Monday October 17, 2013 (event has been rescheduled to accommodate your hectic midterm schedules!)
  • 5:30PM


  • Fred Kaiser 2020/2030 (see map)

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