Welcome back!

Welcome and welcome back to all incoming and returning ECE students! We are so excited to show you what we have in store for the 2013/2014 academic year! First thing on our list is our new website theme and our new Facebook Page.

Why make a new theme?

Earlier last year, we heard a lot of feedback that students were accessing the website on their phones (it’s 2013, of course you are!). We wanted you to get the information you needed easily, so we developed a responsive theme! So for whatever platform you are accessing the website on, you will (hopefully) have a seamless experience.

Facebook Page vs. Facebook Group *


Our idea is to allow students to see UBCECESS as a united body of students that are here to help you! And by using a Page, you will now see updates posted by “UBCECESS” as opposed to individual people. It also allows members to just press “Like” and be a part of the community, as opposed to requesting an invite — which means we can also allow industry and faculty members into our community.

The page will be a way for UBCECESS to communicate our news to students as well as companies that are interested in working with ECESS to bring more opportunities to students like you.


The Facebook group will still be up and running, but it will be more of a discussion between students. Talk about your classes, what to take, what course you would recommend etc. It will be a community for discussion amongst students.

Other changes:

We also heard from a few students that there were sometimes too many Facebook notifications not from posts, but from the changing of cover photos etc… So our publicity reps this year will be trying something new: the cover photo will be a collection of the events that week. The events will still be created and posted as we find out about them, but hopefully this will reduce the amount of notifications you will receive for a single event.

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