On Imagine Day (Tuesday, September 3rd), ECE will be hosting a number of events as part of Imagine Day. Please join us in celebrating the beginning of the new academic year.

11:30-12:30 Lab visits

Graduate students will be hosting visits to their labs to give Department members a sense of their research.This is a good way for new graduate students to meet some of their colleagues and senior undergraduates to see the research ECE graduate students are doing. The following labs will be open (see map below):

Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Laboratory (AMPEL)
Brimacombe Building, room 341
Researchers in this lab are investigating new and unusual electronic materials for application in solar cells, energy storage (batteries and supercapacitors), printable electronics and as artificial muscle. Dr. John Madden leads this lab, a member of the Emerging Micro/Nano Technologies research group of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Bio/Nano Research Laboratory
Fred Kaiser Building, room 4060
This research team, headed by Dr. Lukas Chrostowski, is engineering the confinement of electrons and photons in small optical resonator cavities, for applications in communications, biology and nanotechnology.

Computer Systems Laboratory
ICICS Computer Science Building, room 188
This research group, focuses on computer system design at all levels of both hardware and software. They perform research on computer architecture, optimizing compilers, programmable hardware, computer-aided design tools, computer security, distributed systems, middleware, real-time and embedded systems, software architecture and software. This lab is led by Dr. Gopalakrishnan.

System on a Chip Research Laboratory (SoC)
MacLeod Building, room 332
System-on-a-chip (SoC) is a major revolution taking place in the design of integrated circuits due to the unprecedented levels of integration possible. As a result, new methodologies and tools are demanded to address design, verification and test problems presented by SoC’s in this rapidly evolving area. The SoC team, led by Dr. Mirabbasi, research high-speed design using a “System-on-a-chip with Intellectual Property” (SoC/IP) methodology.

12:30-1:30 Welcome Back BBQ

MacLeod Building front entrance

Meet new ECE students, mingle with returning ones and get to know the faces you’ll be seeing around the halls a little better!

2:30-3:30 Campus as a Living Laboratory: How students can get involved

Fred Kaiser Building room 2020/2030

The Living Lab provides new research and educational opportunities for UBC students and faculty to work with industry partners developing and testing solutions in a real-world environment. These projects advance the market readiness of new technology while contributing to UBC’s goal of becoming a ‘net-zero’ greenhouse gas campus by 2050. This talk will be presented by Dr. Ivanov, Chair of the UBC Smart Thermo-Electric Grid Research Committee and members of UBC Sustainability.

Visit UBC Orientations for more information about campus-wide Imagine Day activities.




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