Join the Silicon Valley Trip Team!

Did you know that UBC ECESS held its first Silicon Valley trip in February earlier this year? It was an exciting opportunity for students on the trip to visit companies they were interested in. It was an even more valuable experience for the team that helped organize it! Not only did they gain experience in event planning, but they were also able to build connections with the companies. (Some students got offered interviews at companies like Zynga and Microsoft through being on this team!)  You too can be a part of that team!

The trip will be 5 days during Reading Break in 2014. As a member of the Silicon Valley trip planning team, you can get involved in :

  • Logistics (transportation, hotel, itinerary etc)
  • Contacting companies in SV to organize tours and build connections
  • Funding (looking for sponsors, fundraisers, etc)
  • Publicizing the trip to students
  • Organizing social events
  • Anything else you can think of to make the trip more awesome!

If you’re interested, fill out a form!
We are happy to have you on the team!  

If you have any questions, please contact ECESS Professional Relations Officer, Nicholas Zeng at


Take a peek at all the fun students had on the trip this year!

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