Locker Clean-Out and Locker Sales


Looking to renew your current locker? Looking to acquire a new locker for the summer? Or, going away for the summer, and need to clean your locker out?

Lockers must be cleared out by May 27th, 2013!!!

  • Don’t forget to clean out your locker!
  • After this date, locks still remaining on unrenewed lockers will be cut, with no exception!

Locker renewals and sales have started

  • If you currently are renting a locker and would like to extend your rental into the summer, come by MCLD 434 and we’ll hook you up!
  • Looking to get a locker this summer? A locker is an excellent place to store some extra snacks and books during the semester.
  • We rent lockers on a per term basis, so swing by MCLD 434 and we’ll get you a sweet new locker!!


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