ECESS Store back in operation!

Hungry anyone?

ECESS Store is now back in operation ready for the exam period,
so you never go hungry while pulling those all nighters @ Macleod 🙂

Scroll down to see full list of items + price!

Freshly stocked Vending Machine!
New Snacks! Including microwavable Uncle Ben Rice!
Fresh pop in the fridge!

Pop ($1) – Nestea, Root beer, Mountain Dew, Pepsi 
Bottled Water ($1),
960mL OASIS Fruit Juice ($2.25)

Nature Valley Granola bar ($1),
Mentos ($1),
Chips ($1) – Old Dutch: BBQ, Sour Cream, Salt + Vinegar, Original, Ketchup,
Lays: Ketchup, Doritos, Cheetos, Original, Ruffles
Chocolate Bars ($1)Caramilk, Crispy Crunch, Mr. Big, Oh Henry, Crunch
Cliff bar ($1),
*NEW: Microwavable Uncle Ben Rice! ($2.25)


ECE Swags! Hoodies + Tshirt

Also check out the ECE SWAGS  now on sale!
Purple Tree Design Hoodie ($35),
Black Electric Plug Design Hoodie ($35),
ECE Tshirt ($15)

– Courtesy of ECE Student Society
(We Got Your Back) 

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