Executive Elections 2013/2014 Candidates

Check out the profiles of the Executive Candidates for ECESS Election 2013!

Professional Relations Officer
4th Year (Grad) Rep
3rd Year Rep
Publicity Rep
Academic Rep
Sports & Charity Rep


Nathanael Leung

Greetings to All ECE Students,
I’m Nate Leung and I’m your current Vice President for ECESS student council 2012- 2013. Starting out with council in 2011 as a Merchandise Manager to Vice President, I coordinated with other council members and year reps to update the WHOLE student body with events and new additions to our department. For next year 2013-2014, I would like to expand my responsibilities as your ECESS PRESIDENT to lead my council members to introduce changes to the student body of 2014. 


1) To LEAD a team of passionate and energetic students to make others’ student time in ECE worthwhile.
2) CONNECT with the student body to host MORE social events (games nights, movie nights).
3) DELEGATE and COORDINATE with ECESS ACADEMIC to host better tutorial sessions to help you study for midterms and quizzes and review packages for our future grades.
4) MORE external ACADEMIC COMPANY TRIPS ( Silicon Valley Trip and Microsoft Trip and MORE).
5) CONSTANT FLOW of FOOD for our HUNGRY students DAY & NIGHT.
6) Make sure that EVERYONE IS having FUN and STUDYING WELL 

STATEMENT: “Being said, I believe that a successful leader cannot create CHANGE without the support from everyone, including you and me. Much like our own ECE student society, I need EVERY SINGLE one of you peoples’ supports to help me create SUCCESS for our department. Therefore, please trust me and vote for me, Nate Leung as your President for ECE 2013-2014. Thank you.”



Michael Vincent

Hi everyone! My name is Michael Vincent. It’s an honor to have worked with you guys as 2 nd year and 3rd year representative. Sometimes things get rough, but my motivation always keeps me going, that everything I do is for the benefit of student life.

There are many things I want to do for you guys. Hey, I know what it is all about, my experiences tell me much about your difficulties at any year level and I’m here. I’m always around to help you with any hardships you are facing.

That’s what has become of my programs: more accommodation in the building, ready to serve food, better vending machine item quality, and even fixing the infamous tilted pool table. Events! Yes, we will organize more fun events, Ski & Field Trip and collaborating with IEEE, look forward for more professional events. I will have open discussion biweekly for you to come and express any concern and issues, and online ‘suggestion box’ will open throughout the year.

It has been a pleasure serving ECE student body for the past 2 years, and I’m ready to step it up and make a difference. Please vote for me as your future ECE President !

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Tiana Jihyung Im + Wesley Tsai

Hello fellow ECE-ers! It’s Wesley and Tiana, and we are running to be your next ECE Student Society’s Vice Presidents!

First, with Tiana’s experience as Publicity Representative, promoting events and hearing student feedback, and Wesley’s endless energy as E-week Rep & First Year council member, we present three reasons why you want us, and no other, as your VPs next year:

1. Understanding of our ECE student body. Your opinions matter! Be certain that your voices will be heard by us and relayed to the right members in council. Those ideas that YOU want to see come to fruition, we will make happen – whether it’s social events, career fairs, concerns about curriculum or a better, fancier lounge!

2. Two brains, Four ears! Maintaining close ties with this year’s President and Vice President, we know the responsibility, impact and importance that our position entails. Together as a team of two, we can double our power level, hear more of your ideas, and make changes happen faster and more efficiently.

3. Supporting Execs.  With the backing of our supporting executives, we will transform your thoughts and ideas, into real results. For the past year, we’ve been committed daily to the council, and have immense experience working with fellow members; as such, we are absolutely confident in our capability to lead our council to success while having the time of our lives!

Vote for Wesley and Tiana, and we’ll take your ECE experience to whole ‘nother level!


Rex R. Yeung

I loathe the McLeod building. I have been walking through here for 3 years and I wonder why it hasn’t been renovated yet, like Sauder or the New Pharmacy building. I have a dream, that someday the McLeod building will be a world class Electrical and Engineering building.

One of the ways to accomplish this task is strong alumni support. To get strong alumni support, all of you need great jobs. My work is towards connecting ECE to various companies around the world. Provide more work opportunities to all students in ECE. Through, trips, conferences, events, industry nights, etc. I will make it happen.

My work as the Silicon Valley Trip Coordinator and IEEE Conference coordinator is only the beginning. I believe I am your best bet to improve ECE student’s job opportunities. As a result, once you all have successful careers, we can improve and expand the McLeod building for future students.

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Julien Law + Marcus Cheung

Hello everyone I am Julien and this is my partner Marcus, and we are running for treasurer next year. Julien will be the treasurer for Sept-Dec and Marcus will be running for Jan-Apr. Julien is a 4th year student in computer engineering and Marcus is a 3rd year student in electrical engineering biomed option. We are hoping to help balance the budget and the funding that is necessary for many of the awesome events that will be taking place next year. So please come out and vote on Thursday March 14! 

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Amy Tsai + Andrea Marti

We’re Amy and Andrea and would love for you to vote for us as ECESS secretaries for the upcoming year. This responsible A^2 duo will enthusiastically record minutes of all General , Council and Executive meetings, assist the Vice-President in organizing Club elections, regularly maintain the ECE executive contact list, and keep correspondence with the EUS secretary.

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Robin Yoon + Nicholas Zeng

Robin Yoon and Nicholas Zeng are both Electrical Computer Engineering students at UBC. From the past few years, they have been working on various engineering society events, and they have built up strong connections with professional organizations such as IEEE, APEGBC and Engineering Canada. Robin and Nicholas wish to serve ECE students with their past experiences.

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Sheliza Halani + Ben Nie

Sup ECE-ers,

For many of you, the ECE undergrad experience is almost coming to an end.  But have you ever wondered…  Is there more to school than just labs, assignments, and all nighters?  The answer to that is a resounding YES YES YEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!  As grad reps, Sheliza and Ben promise to make your 4th and possibly last year at UBC an extremely memorable experience filled with laughter, fond memories, and sizzurp.  We’ll put our undivided attention into planning the grad cruise, iron ring ceremony, and other graduate-specific events so you can chillsies while we stress – But it’s all worth it!  We put the G in grad.  Vote for us if you like rainbows and ponies.

The bau5es,

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Hamza Faran + Ryan Wong

Greetings, fellow ECE students! We, Hamza and Ryan, would like to be your 3rd Year Representatives. Here are our main objectives for the upcoming year:

Academics is very important to us as students, so we plan to provide optimal learning resources. Piazza is a great tool for immediate instructor feedback, allowing students to discuss and address course material misconceptions. We’ll be actively encouraging more instructors to get involved with Piazza (most 2nd years would probably agree it would have been useful in EECE 259 this year).

We know the ECE curriculum has seen a lot of change recently, and there is much confusion regarding our future course schedules. We plan to constantly gather feedback from students on the department’s curriculum adjustments and pass it on to administration.

Our co­op program does not provide us with technical interview support. We wish to set up a peer assistance program to allow fellow co­op students to share their technical interview experiences and provide each other with tips to succeed with specific companies.

We are open to starting inter­departmental sports/games competitions (ie. pool, foosball, etc.) as well as UBC REC teams.

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Denise Kwok + Marilyn Edgar

Hi! We’re Marilyn and Denise!

We are running to be your next year’s Publicity Representatives! We are extremely excited and movtivated to get the student body involved in all the awesome events that your student society puts together. Together we have all the experience and skills that this position requires, and the personalities that make us the approachable people you want to talk to.

Denise is a photoshop wizard, who has proven herself by winning the ECE Hoodie Design contest! She makes beautiful eye popping posters that will be sure to capture your attention and interest.

Marilyn has past experience in the Student Society and as your current newsletter editor, can keep the students of ECE up to date at all times. She is also experienced with web sites, so the ECE web page is sure to grow.
Together we plan to create and maintain the stream of information being sent out to the large ECE student body, be it through facebook, twitter, the ece web page and newsletters, we will make sure the students of ECE are always well informed and most of all, excited about ECE events!


Galen Wu + Oscar Yang

Hello fellow ECE students

Our names are Galen Wu and Oscar Yang and we are running for publicity representative for the upcoming 2013/14 semesters. After being in student council for the past year as Ex-Officios, we feel that we have the necessary behind the scene experience for this position. Being one of the biggest departments in engineering, it may be difficult for students within the department to be up to date with all the professional and social events happening. That’s why we’re here! For the next semester, we plan on doing whatever it takes to keep you guys posted. This includes Facebook posts, class announcements, posters, and also just spreading information by word of mouth. We’re also pretty chill people, so if you ever see us in the student council office in Macleod 434, come say hi or something even if we’re dying from homework (just like how everyone else is). So yes please don’t forget to vote for us on March 14th as Publicity Representatives at Macleod 434 right by the lounge (which is probably where you’re at as your reading this).

Thanks for your support!
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Meghan Nagpal

Hey all! I’m Meghan and I would like you to re-elect me as your academic rep! Already, I sit on the department curriculum committee and share a good working relationship with its faculty members. With all the curriculum changes happening in the department, I will advocate for transparency so that students are not confused. I will also work with the department to create a new ethics course, specifically tailored to ECE students, as opposed to the standard APSC 450.

I take feedback very seriously and I will continue to do so if re-elected. I am constantly trying to find out from students which ones are the trouble courses and provide review sessions and booklets accordingly. I will hold two mid-term Beef & Pizza sessions to allow students to voice their concerns and provide anonymous feedback forms throughout the year. I will also create a list of tutors on the ECESS website that will be available by the time the school year starts. Lastly, I hope to hold one networking event for any students who are interested in grad school or a professional program.

So choose experience you can trust. It is your degree, your department, and your future. It is all about YOU!


Derek Lun + David Law

Hi all fellow ECE students! We are Derek Lun and David Law, third year computer engineering students. We are excited and have strong opinions about the changes in the program curriculum starting this September. We are aiming to make the jump less confusing for us ECE students by understanding and keeping track of all these changes. We wish that students have access to latest information to make an informed decision. We will make sure that our opinions are heard by the department. We will also like to give everyone a chance to express our concern directly by hosting at least one Beef & Pizza session per term. We understand that finals can be stressful and we will ease the final hours by maintaining the exam database and host review sessions to aid students.

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Shivin Bakshi + Somik Ghosh


About Us: Shivin was assistant to the S&C rep last year and helped organize bake sales for the BC Children’s hospital and other Christmas Events. He works at the BirdCoop, is involved with multiple Rec Sports leagues and has organized multiple events with the UBC Calendar.

Somik has been regularly involved with the Richmond Youth Basketball League for the past 7 years. He is involved with multiple UBC organizations such as UBC Orientations as a Squad Leader, a Peer Academic Coach for Engineering Student Services and is an active member of the UBC Thunderbots robotics team.

Our Vision: We want to make student sports a much bigger part of our society. We have already successfully started ECE’s first Rec Nitobe Basketball team this term. We plan on expanding to other sports such as volleyball, soccer and any other sports students are interested in this term and will cater to both male and female students.

We plan on focusing on 3 main events a year for raising money for the BC Children’s Hospital and the less fortunate in Vancouver’s East Side. We plan on coordinating with other departments in Engineering to more effectively raise money for these charities.

Our Promise: If elected, we promise to carry out all points of our vision, heavily involve ECE students with sports teams and raise money to give back to our community and the less fortunate.


Charlie Liu + Omar Omari

Tired of hearing people say that ECE students have no spirit during E-Week?

Are you stressed out from school and wish to find a healthy way to ventilate?
Is there a rightful cause you would like to address but can’t find the support?

Let us help. We are Charlie Liu and Omar Omari and our goal is to bring more activeness and involvement to ECE students through recreational sports and community volunteering. Our aim is to provide frequent, free, and easy to drop-in sport sessions for ECE students to participate during their breaks and after class hours. We will also work closely with the EUS sports council to bring interdepartmental intramurals to ECE such as indoor soccer and ultimate as well as providing assistance for students who wish to participate in UBC’s REC leagues. We will also provide low cost and easy to join volunteering opportunities and charity events for ECE students such as gift baskets and clothing drives to show that you don’t have to have lots of money to be charitable.

So please give us the opportunity to make your ECE experience more active and enjoyable with your vote.

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