Business Cards For Sale

Why should you order business cards?

Increase your chance of getting hired, with career fairs and interviews looming over the horizon! These cards are perfect forcareer fairs, industry events, interviews,and random encounters! Often, employers at networking events prefer to take students’ business cards rather than resume. Having business cards handy could be the difference between a brief chat and an interview.

Preview your cards:

This is an example of the business card:


How to Order:

  1. First, pay $10 fee at MCLD 434 before January 24 and keep your receipt
  2. AFTER the payment, email with your RECEIPT NUMBER (order will only be placed after the payment) and your INFORMATION:


1. Name: First Name Last Name
2. Degree Info (Field 1): BASc Candidate (Grad Year)
3. Degree Info (Field 2): Major, Minor/Option Information
4. Personal Info (Field 1): Phone #
5. Personal Info (Field 2): Email Address
6. Personal Info (Field 3): Personal URL (LinkedIn, Twitter, personal site)

Your cards will be available in MCLD 434 within a week of ordering.

View your information on the card:

Preview Font is not final. Please see the example above. 

(University of British Columbia CAN NOT be changed unless you have a special reason for it)
LINKEDIN TIP: You can customer your Linkedin URL. There is an option to change the URL under your linkedin profile picture

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