ECE Hoodie Design Contest!


Deadline: Friday January 4th, 2013

Submission deadline has been extended to Friday, January 11th, 2013.
If you already submitted your design, you can choose to resubmit until 11th.

Submit to:

Submit your design for the new ECESS Hoodie, (coming out in Term 2!) and win a free hoodie that YOU design! ($35 value)
*Non-ECE students can also enter this contest, and you can win $35 cash, if you do not want the ECE Hoodie!


Contest Guidelines:

Hoodie Type: Zip-Ups

  • Message Requirement: Need to include “ECE Student Society” somewhere. It does not necessary have to be a text. If you choose to be graphic about it, the “ECE Student Society” message should be clear
  • Design Location: The design is restricted to appear at the back of the hoodie, and will not be able to wrap around the sides, sleeves, or shoulders.
  • Colour of Hoodie: 2 max. You may choose the colour of the Hoodie with up to 2 max colours for the design.
    *NOTE* Different shades of the same colour does NOT constitute as 1 colour. 2 Shades of the same colour will be considered as 2 colours.
  • Resolution: At least 500 pixels width and height. No restriction for width/height ratios.
If there is a tie, preferences will go towards a design that:
  • Uses the current ECE Student Society Logo: [Logo A] [Logo B]
    Participants can choose to remove the “Undergraduate Student Society” text from the logo, if they have a better of showing “Student Society”. This requirement will be satisfied as long as it contains “ECE”  
  • Uses only 1 colour for the Design
Submission Requirement: font files, ai, psd, pdf files are accepted.


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