Silicon Valley Trip

From Sunday Feb 17, 2013 to Thursday Feb 21, 2013 (Reading Break),

ECE will be going on a very exciting Trip To SILICON VALLEY!

The center of the world’s largest technology corporations
as well as thousands of small startups! 


The purpose of this expedition is to expose students to exciting job opportunities and technological advances in Silicon Valley. Furthermore, this opportunity will also help students develop their professional networks.

Confirmed Visits so far:
Tesla Motors,
Stanford University
Berkeley University
(more to come)


Price: $550 Per Person.

(Includes air fair, accommodation, transportation!)

* Registration will begin at 9:00 AM November 21st, 2012 at MCLD 434.
Only 36 spots are be available, and registration is first come, first serve.

* $350 Deposit needed on upon registration. (Cash only)

Possible Companies we’ll visit (To be confirmed)
-C100 companies



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