Ohmcoming 2012


End of the Cheeze, END OF THE WORLD THEME!

WHEN? Friday October 12th, 7PM


WHO? EVERYONE (Alive or dead, Engineer or not) IS INVITED!
Bring ANYONE you would like to spend end of the world with! (except your parents) This is a 19+ Event. Bring 2 pieces of ID, at least one government issue with a photo!


WHERE? THE CHEEZE (2335 Engineering Road)


WHAT’s happening?
So the Cheeze is going.. and according to the Mayans the world is coming to an end.  We don’t know if we should believe it, but we engineers are going to PARTY like it’s the END OF THE WORLD! So join us for the biggest bash before the Big Goodbye at OHMCOMING, A PARTY TO END ALL PARTIES!



CHEAP DRINKS! Entrance is free and drinks are $2 pre-sale, and $3 on site! Also selling $5 Burgers. ALL LADIES GET ONE FREE DRINK! Buy your $2 drink tickets at ECE Student Society Office in MCLD 434 before the event!

DANCE & MUSIC! Come dance till you drop, with the DJ spinning some awesome beats and playing your last requests 🙂

DRESS UP! Dress up like it’s your last chance! (Suggestions: anything related to end of the world.. Mayan, Zombie, Alien, Survivor, Superhero, Natural disaster, Jesus?) There will be a nice surprise for everyone that comes dressed up 😉

This may be your last Ohmcoming on Earth,
so come party like you D.G.A.F.!

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