By-Election 2012


The ECESS Executive By-Election is happening 10am-4pm on Wednesday Sept 19 in front of the ECE Club Room (MCLD 434).

Students need to bring their student ID in order to vote.

Election results will be announced at Games Night! (6PM Sept. 21st @ MCLD 434)


Check out the profiles of the Executive Candidates for ECESS By-Election 2012!

Professional Relations Officer
3rd Year Representative
2nd Year Representative

Professional Relations Officer Candidates

Tin Chi (Peter) Yeung

My name is Peter Yeung and I am a fourth year computer engineering student.  Being a co-op student I truly see the value in gaining industry experiences and staying informed of new grad opportunities before and after graduating.  Throughout the summer I have been organizing a career fair with the current Professional Relations Officer that not only features software jobs but also brings more hardware electrical job opportunities to our students, as a council ex-officios.  Besides the career fair, I would also organize networking events for our students to have the opportunities to learn more about the companies that they are interested in, while building connections with them.  I am excited to be able to help students connect to the industry and with your votes I will continue to make these events happen. Thanks- Peter.

Aaron George Abraham

Hi everyone, my name is Aaron and I am running for the post of professional relations officer in your ECE student society. If elected, I will try to keep you informed of relevant skill workshops and job postings whether you are looking for a summer job or a permanent position. I will also try to advertise to employers of the vast potential that we have in this department and promote student employment. A degree is simply the first stepping stone to having a rewarding and satisfying career. So I hope I can help you in your professional development.


3rd Year Rep Candidates

Rushil Aggarawl

To my fellow ECE students,
My name is Rushil Aggarwal and I’m running to represent you in the ECE council as a Third Year Rep. For a quick introduction, I’m the type of person who does not make empty promises and truth be told I cannot bring any ‘Major Change’ to our already wonderful ECE department. However, I do go above and beyond to help and guide others wherever, whenever and in anyway possible. That’s a promise I can make and will continue to fulfill with or without this position (although the position would be appreciated). If you would like any help or just like to get to know me better please do not hesitate to contact me, I would be more than happy to meet you. Email:

“With great power comes great responsibility – Spiderman’s uncle.”


Dusan Milovanovic & Jargroop Sarai

Hi everyone! Our names are Jagroop Sarai and Dusan Milovanovic and we’re co-running for split term ECESS 3rd year rep! If elected, Jag would be your rep first term, and Dusan would be your rep second term. Our goal for the year is to ensure that each and every 3rd year student knows what their department is doing for them, and of course when all the free food events take place. Between the two of us we have a lot of volunteer and leadership experience. Dusan has been heavily involved with the Engineering Undergraduate Society since his first year, and is currently serving as the VP of Student Life. Jag has been involved with Orientations UBC as a MUG Leader for Imagine Day, volunteered during EUS Frosh Week, and is a member of IEEE. Academics are also important to us, especially with our curriculum being continuously updated, and we will strive to voice your opinions of its restructuring to the EECE faculty and help make the transition as smooth as possible. We are always available for contact, and we always like meeting new people, reach us at and

Michael Vincent & William Yeung
Heyy ! Michael Vincent – 3rd year EE, logging in. Some of you might have known me from last year.. And now, third year rep – here we go ! As always, I’ll be hearing your concerns, academic and non academic. Late night pool / foosball in the middle of project work ? Find me anytime I’ll open up the lounge for you. That being said, couches are free to use for our overnight stays too ! You’ll find more benefits throughout the year. So yes, don’t miss out, vote for Michael Vincent & William Yeung. We are here as your voice to the council and department !

My name is William, and I am a third year electrical engineering student. If I am elected as third year representative, one of my goals is to help inform all third year students about relevant ECESS events. Next, I will try my best to assist with any concerns that third year students have. I want to help out my peers become more involved in ECESS events.


2nd Year Rep Candidates

Gavin Servai & Hamza Faran

A platform founded on communication and unity is what we pride ourselves in. Advising, talking with, and fooling with our fellow engineers has always been a fun and fulfilling experience for us. We are straightforward people with one desire: to instil a deep sense of community in our department. This benefits all students.
Over the past couple months, we’ve taken significant steps towards this goal. We’ve created facebook pages for 2nd year ECE students, coordinating over 130 students with both a general group and class groups. It has become a place of mutual learning, an important resource to many; a microcosm of our wishes for ECE. It provides study resources, conceptual help, and countless more information. Students now converse on these groups daily, helping one another succeed and learn.
We’ve come to realize that the needs of our department are as diverse as the engineers that it consists of. Our belief is that the most efficient way of meeting all these needs, is to collectively help one another on even deeper organizational levels. We would consider it the highest privilege, to be given the power, by you, to serve our 2nd years even further under the official title of representatives.

Robin Yoon & Pamela Anderson

Hello Electrical and Computer Engineers! We are Robin and Pamela and we are running to be your 2nd Year Rep. We believe we will be excellent representatives for our year for the following reasons:
1. We like to be involved in the Engineering Faculty: Pamela: I attend the weekly EUS meetings regularly to stay informed of all events! This is also one of the main duties of a Year Rep as listed on the ECE Club Constitution (: Robin: I was involved with the PP Council as Social Coordinator and I have also been an active member on UBC Thunderbots since last September.
2. We are proficient in social as well as technical communication: Pamela: I aced my APSC 201. Robin: So far, I have been acing that class too.
3. We like to have fun: Pamela: I know about every party in McLeod. I won’t let you guys miss out on them. Robin: My APM is 60.
If you want to find out more about the type of things we like to do, please check out our video “PP FilmFeust 2012” on Youtube (: For a social, involved, and approachable*2nd year rep, vote for Robin and Pamela! *We can always be reached by email, text, fax, or in person.

Aviral Garg & Tejbir Wason


Vineet Mahendru



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