Leadership Opportunity for Organizing a Sustainability Course

The Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) is a national, bilingual organization that represents approximately 60,000 engineering students across Canada.

This year, CFES is organizing a Complementary Education (CE) Course on Building Sustainability Technology. We are now recruiting organizers to help us make it happen. Organizers will be working on course content, sponsorship, publication and so on.

For more information about CE: http://cfes.ca/events-and-services/ce-courses/.

If you are interested take the leadership role, please apply at:https://docs.google.com/a/cfes.ca/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dE05ajRoZVU0NHlTalV3aFp4U0tma2c6MQ#gid=0

Please contact Nicholas Zeng at nicholas.zeng@cfes.ca.  if you have any questions.

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