Get involved as a Volunteer [Open]

Volunteers are a great task-specific position for students who want to help out and be an active member of a team! Usually, they have a 4 hour/week commitment. Volunteers are appointed by Execs, so contact the associated Executive directly if you would like to volunteer or apply online by clicking here.

Facebook Event: Volunteers Volunteer Application Form


  • Assisting the VP Administration with project management and internal communication
  • Scheduling meetings and recording minutes

Merchandise Coordinator

      • Designing and ordering ECESS merchandise
      • Tracking inventory
      • Stocking vending machines

Plant Advocate

  • Please water our plants. They are all dead 🙁

Newsletter Editor

  • Preparing our weekly newsletter

Software Developer

      • Designing and maintaining our website and internal tools

Graphic Designer

      • Creating posters, Facebook event banners, and other promotional material
      • Editing ECE section’s for the Slipstick (UBC engineering yearbook)

Social Media Coordinator

  • Creating and managing content on social media services including Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat


      • Document events, edit, and create albums or YouTube/FilmfEUSt videos

Professional Development Coordinator

  • Working with the VP External to organize professional development events and procure company contacts

Social Coordinator

      • Work closely with VP Student Life to plan social events including Ohmcoming/TBD, Games Nights, and the Year End Gala
      • Help with sponsorship hunting, coordinating volunteers, event publicity and logistics
      • Organizing Team ECE during E-Week

Sports Coordinator

  • Organizes and maintains all ECE REC teams, including Storm the Wall

Event Assistant

  • Volunteering at events