Get Involved!

With a student body of over 1100 students and many social, professional and academic events throughout the year, we’re always welcoming new volunteers.

Getting involved with ECESS is not only fun, but it’s a great way to learn various transferable skills that are crucial when working after graduation! You can exercise your event planning & logistics skills, practice your graphic design & video editing abilities, and utilize organizational and time management techniques that our council members use to stay on top of everything!


Run as an Executive [Open]

Executive members hold vital roles in our community, spearheading their team to complete their projects. Because of this, executives typically commit 10+ hrs/week. Executives are elected by the student body in the spring elections and nominations reopen for any open positions in the fall. There are two remaining positions available. Learn more about the current executives here!

To participate in this by-election, complete this nomination form and drop it off at MCLD 438.

Executive Council Members


  • Preside over the affairs of the ECESS
  • Oversee the other Executives and ensure that they are performing their duties in a satisfactory manner
  • Communicate with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering on behalf of the ECESS
  • Represent ECE on the EUS Board of Governors
  • Be of third-year or higher academic standing during their term

Vice President Administration

  • Recruiting & onboarding volunteers
  • Organize meetings
  • Internal communication (Google Drive, Slack, ECESS email accounts)
  • Run elections

Vice President Finance

  • Oversee club finances (budgeting and accounting)
  • Manage sales and inventory (merchandise and vending machines)

Vice President Academic

  • Organize review packages, review workshops, and Town Hall
  • Advocate on academic issues

Vice President External

  • Oversee the external affairs of the ECESS
  • Organize professional development events (Industry Night, career workshops, and company tours)

Vice President Student Life

  • Oversee the social events coordinated by ECESS (Games Night, Here we Glow Again, and Year End Gala)
  • Manage sports teams and #TEAMECE for E-Week #notlast

Vice President Communications

  • Oversee social media platforms (Facebook, website, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  • Manage the graphic design team, newsletter team, website team, and photographer/videographer team
  • Advertise events, merchandise, and more

Run as a Representative [Open]

Representatives hold an important role within the ECE student body as they advocate on behalf of their constituents to the Council, and, where applicable, the ECE department and the faculty. They work closely with and assist VP Academic, typically resulting in 4 hours/week of commitment.

To participate in this by-election, complete this nomination form and drop it off at MCLD 438.


Fourth-Year Representative (1 ELEC and 1 CPEN)

  • Fourth-year standing during their term
  • Represent the graduating and fourth-year student body at ECESS and EUS meetings
  • Organize the collection of graduation fees and Iron Ring sizes
  • Make classroom announcements on behalf of the ECESS

Third-Year Representative (1 ELEC and 1 CPEN)

  • Third-year standing during their term
  • Represent the third-year student body at ECESS and EUS meetings
  • Make classroom announcements on behalf of the ECESS

Second-Year Representative (1 ELEC and 1 CPEN)

  • Second-year standing during their term
  • Represent the second-year student body at ECESS and EUS meetings
  • Make classroom announcements on behalf of the ECESS

Get involved as a Volunteer [Open]

Volunteers are a great task-specific position for students who want to help out and be an active member of a team! Usually, they have a 4 hour/week commitment. Volunteers are appointed by Execs, so contact the associated Executive directly if you would like to volunteer or apply online by clicking here.

Facebook Event: Volunteers Volunteer Application Form

Administration Volunteers


  • Assisting the VP Administration with project management and internal communication
  • Scheduling meetings and recording minutes

Finance Volunteers

Merchandise Coordinator

      • Designing and ordering ECESS merchandise
      • Tracking inventory
      • Stocking vending machines

Plant Advocate

  • Please water our plants. They are all dead 🙁

Communications Volunteers

Newsletter Editor

  • Preparing our weekly newsletter

Software Developer

      • Designing and maintaining our website and internal tools

Graphic Designer

      • Creating posters, Facebook event banners, and other promotional material
      • Editing ECE section’s for the Slipstick (UBC engineering yearbook)

Social Media Coordinator

  • Creating and managing content on social media services including Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat


      • Document events, edit, and create albums or YouTube/FilmfEUSt videos

External Volunteers

Professional Development Coordinator

  • Working with the VP External to organize professional development events and procure company contacts

Student Life Volunteers

Social Coordinator

      • Work closely with VP Student Life to plan social events including Ohmcoming/TBD, Games Nights, and the Year End Gala
      • Help with sponsorship hunting, coordinating volunteers, event publicity and logistics
      • Organizing Team ECE during E-Week

Sports Coordinator

  • Organizes and maintains all ECE REC teams, including Storm the Wall

Event Assistant

  • Volunteering at events