ECE Lounge

By far one of the best services ECESS provides, the ECE Lounge is located in Room 434 of the Macleod building.

The ECE Lounge contains a pool table, foosball table, an HD TV (we have cable!), an arcade machine, and over 7 couches, and a surround sound speaker system enveloping the room, all free and available to use by students at any point during the day.


Right beside the ECE Lounge is the “lunch room“, a space shared with the ECE grad society. It contains tables and chairs, along with 2 vending machines (one pop, one snack) that is kept stocked by the ECESS, with prices lower than what you would find elsewhere on campus!


Our fully stocked vending machine- featuring Noodles, Mike Ikes, Skittles(highly recommended by a lot of people), and soon to come Halls (to all you coughers- you know who you are). -Courtesy of ECE Student Society (We Always Have Our Student’s Back)







We also offer Locker Rentals for lockers around McLeod, so you don’t have to carry your heavy textbooks & project parts around with you everywhere! You can rent lockers at a cost of $20 each term by coming to our office located at MCLD 434. (Lock not provided)