Angela Cho

4th year, Computer Engineering

Hello ladies and gents of ECE,

My name’s Angela and I’ll be serving as one half of the Presidential seat. I’ll probably be away for parts of the year, having adventures, eating delicious food, and whatnot, but with any luck I’ll be around somewhat and get to meet you all. During the year I’ll be doing more of the behind-the-scenes work as President and will hopefully continue to serve you in the 2017-2018 school year.

A bit about me, I like to socialize, I’ve watched too many movies in my lifetime, and I tend to be very goofy. I speak English, French, Korean, and I’m currently trying to learn Japanese. This will be a great year and I can’t wait to make it your best year in ECE, especially for those of you graduating.


crop3Nicholas Mulvenna

4th year, Computer Engineering


My name is Nick and I am one of your Presidents for the 2016-2017 term. Specializing in embedded systems, I am entering my final year of computer engineering. Leading the ECESS executive team with Angela, I look forward to organizing professional development, social, and academic events for ECE students.

Our focus for this term includes:

  • Organizing tours of local engineering companies
  • Improving the undergraduate lounge and lunchroom
  • Making ECESS more inclusive for second-year students
  • Advocating on academic issues
  • Strengthening our branding with new merchandise


VP Administration


Roger Harriss Brammall

4th year, Electrical Engineering

Hello everybody!

I am a part of the VP admin team this year. As a part of the ECESS as the VP admin I am here to make sure the ECESS is able to provide all services that students need. Handling internal matters and on-boarding of new members is important to help the ECESS grow and remain organized. I am myself am on a Co-op term for half the year and going into my fourth year. I personally have too many hobbies to tell and really just enjoy being lazy. Even though I am super lazy I work harder than most people would think and I am sure I can help make everyone’s year more exciting.


Katherine Lim

4th year, Electrical Engineering

Hello everyone!

I’m Kate (who is also known as Katherine, Yekaterina, Katy, Kat, Cat, Cake…the list goes on) and I’m one of your VP Admins for the upcoming academic year, I hope to ensure that the ECESS operates in a way that will benefit all students in the department. I will be taking care of the policy and procedure, internal matters and on-boarding of the new members with my partner Roger Harriss. To put some personalities behind the photo, a few things about me: 5th year Electrical Engineering student with confusing cultural background, mild obsession with delicious food, YouTube, TV Shows, animation and photography.


VP External


DarrenDarren Tran

2nd year, Electrical Engineering

Hello all,

My name is Darren and I will be your VP External for this academic year. My job mainly consists of dealing with external things outside of UBC domains – pretty self-explanatory, right? This includes coordinating company tours, bringing in guest speakers, and organizing other events that I hope will be of benefit to you all. My goal is to give you guys plenty of opportunities to make connections and explore opportunities outside of UBC.

More about myself, I am a 2nd year Electrical Engineering student. I usually spend my time doing WeBWorK, napping in MacLeod, playing video games, and watching Facebook food videos.

If you ever see me around, don’t be afraid to say hi! I love hearing your ideas!


VP Academic


Justin Wyss

4th year, Electrical Engineering

Sali Zäme!

My name is Justin Wyss and I am extremely thrilled to be your new ECESS VP Academic this year.
I’ve been working with the ECESS for quite a while now as an Event Planning Assistant (2014/15) and as the VP Student Life (2015/16).
My main goals as VP Academic is to improve your academic experience by providing a wide range of course materials, hosting Town Hall sessions and administering an outlet to voice out your issues and concerns.
I’m an outgoing lad and love to meet new people. I’m always open for new ideas…so please, do not hesitate to approach me if you have anything to share.

Formality part aside, I would like to introduce myself…I am a 4th year Electrical Engineering student from Zürich, Switzerland. I love to stay active and play sports, especially ice hockey! I’ve been playing since I was a little kid. During my free time…ok, let’s be honest, in engineering we don’t really have any free time but for the sake of it here we go…I like to hang around with my friends, watch some movies and listen to music. When Vancouver turns into Raincouver again, it’s either reading a good book or more often, my favourite hobby of all, taking a sweet nap!


VP Finance


AshayaAshaya Sharma

4th year, Computer Engineering

Hello ECE,

My name is Ashaya and I will be your ECESS Vice President Finance for this upcoming academic year. This is my fourth year at UBC where I’m pursuing my degree in vanilla Computer Engineering. I am fascinated in new technologies and browse maybe too many technology and review websites. I’d like to think of myself as the biggest sports expert on council (actually this is a fact, the rest of them don’t know squat) and I’m definitely the best FIFA player at UBC, so if you want to take me down, bring it on. I love playing pretty much every sport, getting a ride home with my buddy Harjeet, grabbing food with friends, and I love cranking out some code after 2 AM. I look forward to making sure the vending machine is filled for you guys and cutting all the locks of people who don’t listen to the locker rules. Feel free to stop by MCLD 434 and say hi, or challenge me in pool, where I’ll beat you with only behind the back shots.


VP Communications


JayJay Dahiya

4th year, Computer Engineering

Hello fellow members of ECE,

My name is Jay and I’m one of your ECESS Vice President Communications for this academic year of 2016/2017! This is my fourth year at UBC where I’m pursuing my degree in Computer Engineering.

Whenever I’m free, you can probably find me working on my own video game projects or taking a nap. I usually also spend my time hanging out with friends (either playing video games, board games or watching movies), binging on TV shows, and playing or watching sports like hockey .

I’m really excited about the new communications opportunities we’re working on bringing to all of you! I hope that what we’re working on will help you guys have a great year. While you may not see me on campus this year, unless you guys stick around MacLeod really late (which is guaranteed to happen during project time), but if you do see me around, feel free to say hi (If you have any problems though make sure to bother Joseph, he’s the real MVP).


JosephJoseph Hsu

4th year, Computer Engineering

Why hello there,

This year I’m working alongside Jay Dahiya to keep students informed of various events and opportunities. Our goal is to engage all our peers in professional—and not so professional 😉 —development to make the most out of their experience in UBC ECE.

Here are some random facts about myself: I’m Taiwanese, I don’t know how to use chopsticks, I’m into almost every aspect of film production—consequently every Snapchat I make has a budget and a shot list, I’ve been writing and spitting diss tracks since 6th grade, you most likely cannot out-pun me, I’m currently level 144 on Overwatch, and I was kidding about the budget and shot list. Regardless, my Snapchat game is on point.

If you’re looking for an epic rap battle, a video collaboration, or a conversation about how good Interstellar is, let’s be friends! You can probably find me around our lounge, MCLD 434. Alternatively you could come and talk about how overrated Interstellar is. But then we can’t be friends. It just wouldn’t work out 😛


VP Student Life


Jay Dahiya