The ECESS hosts academic events such as Town Hall, where professors and students discuss course-related questions, review sessions, where a tutor will go over specific course material before midterms/finals, and Hear Me Hack, a mentorship centered hackathon catered to programming beginners. We also provide review packages, available on our website or if you visit the office.

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Want some more help? Here are some tutors you can contact

*The following tutors are not affiliated with the ECESS, proceed at your own risk.

Tutor Contacts


Name Email Phone Number CoursesĀ  Fees Availability
Clarence Su junweisu.working(at) (604) 3633930 MATH220, MATH253, MATH256, CPSC221, ELEC321, CPSC320 $40 / hour Anytime during Weekend
Mohab Hassan mohab(at) (604) 7222054 APSC160, ELEC302, ELEC 201, ELEC203, CPEN211, MATH220 $25 / hour Weekends
Gavin Acquroff gavina352(at) (604) 6192176 CPEN211, MATH220, MATH253, CPSC259, ELEC201, ELEC202, ELEC221, ELEC301 $20 / hour Mondays 9am-12pm, 1-3pm, 4-8pm
Tuesdays 8am-9am, 12-2pm 3:30-5pm
Wednesdays 9am-12pm, 1-2pm, 4-8pm
Thursdays 8am-2pm 3:30-8pm
Fridays 9am-12pm, 1-3pm, 4-8pm
Saturdays 8am – 8pm
Sundays 8am – 8pm

Want to know more about our Hackathon?

HearMeHack is a new mentorship-oriented Hackathon hosted by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Society! It is solely designed to help UBC students who want to explore the programming world for their first time, get started on learning a language, or want to implement their first project! The mission is to provide mentorship to beginners through a dedicated group of experienced programmers (UBC Students, and industry representatives) through one-to-one discussions and group workshops. HearMeHackwill also be partnering with Major League Hacking to participate in their LocalHost program which offers cool workshops for programmer enthusiasts.

The event will be hosted on the UBC Vancouver campus on Saturday September 23rd, 2017 from 9 am to 10 pm. We are welcoming all UBC students who show a willingness to learn and grow as a programmer. If you are an experienced programmer, we are also looking for dedicated mentors to help enrich the quality of the event!

Or are you a tutor?

If you are a tutor or planning to become a tutor for ECE related courses next year, we will be posting a list of tutor contacts on the UBC ECESS website ( in the coming fall. Tutor contact information, including your fees/hours/courses you teach, will be listed on the site. Fill in form below if you are interested.

Note: We are simply providing a platform for you to advertise your services to the students and will not be negotiating the tutor sessions for you.